13 nő, akinek sikerült legyőznie az anorexiát

Az anorexia egy pszichés betegség, a táplálkozási zavarok egyik alapvető típusa. Az anorexia szó szerinti jelentése az étvágy elvesztése.

Ennek a betegségnek a fő jellemzője, hogy a beteg drasztikus mértékű fogyásra törekszik. Az ilyen betegek túl kövérnek látják magukat, ezért önéheztetéshez folyamodnak, amelyhez gyakran kényszeres tornázást is társítanak. A betegség azért is figyelemre méltó, mert kialakulása után a halálozási arány eléri a 8-9 százalékot.

Napjainkban ez a betegség egyre gyakoribb a fiatalok körében, főként a lányok esetében, ami korunk szépségideáljával is összefüggésben lehet. Az anorexia fiatal lányoknál, tipikusan tizenéves korban alakul ki, de egészen negyvenéves korig előfordulhat.

Sajnos a gyógyulási arány nagyon alacsony, és gyakran csak kemény terápiás kezelés esetén lehetséges. A betegeknek meg kell tanulniuk, hogyan táplálkozzanak helyesen és egészséges módon. Az alábbi képeken látható személyek bozonyságott tettek hatalmas erejükről és bátorságukról, hiszen képesek voltak legyőzni az anorexiát.

1) A mosoly mindent elárul

"There will come a moment in your life when you realise "everything is different" – you won't wake up and think about the food you ate yesterday nor the food you will eat today. Well you might, but it will be totally different. I am a firm believer that the hardship one goes through in life will turn out as a positive, that those tears will one day be exchanged for laughter and the pain will be replaced with joy. I don’t know when this will be, but somewhere along my journey whether it be overnight or gradual there will be a change. A change that means I no longer push my family away because they force me to eat, that I no longer see a hospital for the past memories of admissions, weigh ins and wheelchairs and I will no longer have an eating disorder. There comes a moment when you have to say goodbye. Goodbye to the past, that one last time that you embrace the years of memories, the adversities, the challenges, the tears. But you leave it behind. You close the door, you start afresh and you begin a real life. A life where you go out for meals spontaneously, where food is not seen as numbers, where you eat your wedding cake, where you laugh, where you hug people, where your eating disorder isn’t involved. One day you just have to wave goodbye and greet a whole new way of life, a new identity. An identity full of your passions, dreams and characteristics. An identity that solely belongs to you" ??✨ Text from @rosie.blossoms

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2) Csak a tetoválás maradt ugyanaz

January 23rd 2016- January 23rd 2017 ? ? Firstly I want to say this is not a look how skinny I was or look how well I've done post. This is to hopefully show you that no matter how lost you are in your own head, it is possible to escape! It is possible to find happiness again!!! ? ? Secondly you do not have to be this shape, size colour or gender for your struggles to matter! You are always deserving of help if you are struggling!!! ? ? It's a year ago today since I was sectioned under the mental health act. I was so ill I was doing everything I could think of to not take in ANYTHING. I had given up. My eating disorder had taken over and I wanted to die. So I was sectioned and forced to get better. I was put on an ng tube. I was forced to watch as the scale went up every week and I could do nothing about it. (Not that I didn't try) I hated everyone who put me through that! I was on drugs that put me out so I wouldn't hurt myself or anyone else. This time last year I was a mess. ? But the people I loved stayed by me. My best friends and my boyfriend came to see me all the time and my parents where there every day. They where there to remind me to try. So I did. Eventually I asked my boyfriend if it was ok if I ate, he told me I should. For the first time in my life I realised that I loved these people more than my ed. so I fought, I fought like hell!!! ? ? I'm not telling you this for sympathy or to diminish anyone's struggles, (everyone's struggle is valid!!! No matter how long it takes!!) I was in this for 10 years before I got out. But I want you to know that it is possible!!!!! No not all my problems have gone away. Yes I still have the thoughts. But I am strong enough now to resist! Keep going! You can get through this hell and I will be with you every step of the way!!! We can do this together!!!! ??? (I don't want to answer any questions about weight) #positivebeatsperfect

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3) A fiatal nő végre megtanulta elfogadni a saját testét

I want you to know that this isn't your fault. All those thoughts about your body, all those things you hate about yourself – they didn't spring to life all by themselves. You live in a world that has taught you self hatred so well, and for that you hold no blame. It's not your fault that this world made you believe that your beauty can be seen in a mirror alone. It's dazed you with a blur of magazine covers and makeover shows. It's not your fault that this world tells you to value thin over everything, closing it's eyes to the people that sends to an early grave. Nobody told you that you don't exist to look like an empty image of photoshopped 'perfection'. Nobody told you don't exist to be looked at. If I could, I'd take you away. I'd put you in a world that teaches the truth – that you exist as so much more than a body. So when you're struggling, when those thoughts won't go away, when all the body positivity in the world won't quiet those voices. Just know that it isn't your fault. And that somewhere, there's another world where you can see how beautiful you really are. ?????

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4) Ég és föld különbség

5) Erős nő – külsőleg és belsőleg egyaránt

6) Újra mosolyogni tud, amikor tükörbe néz

"Do not dwell in the past. Focus your mind on the present moment"? Worries about calories, weight and food belong to the past. Since I was 12 I suffered from an eating disorder and instead of getting better I got worse as the years passed. Calories were the main thoughts since then, as well as food in general and my weight. I lived in my own little world, isolated from everyone and everything else, I didn't let anyone get too close to me except of my best friends with whom I felt so normal. My life was ruled by an illness which actually only existed in my head. It's sad that so many don't even understand eating disorders or mental illnesses in general. It's not for attention and the pictures I post (sadly) aren't fake. What this illness can do to you is unbelievable, even for me. Some on here say the way I looked before, can't be me, it's either photoshopped or another person. Well, guess what – it's also difficult to me to believe I looked like that, but, unfortunately, I did. It's obvious I look totally different to a few years ago, I'm older and I weigh twice the amount I did back then. With 16(left) I looked like 10 and felt like a 99 year-old. I was aware of the fact I could die and I felt sorry for my mum who cried because she was scared of losing another person, but I just couldn't stop. It took me almost 4 years to actually gain the weight back. 9 months of hospitalisation, followed by ups and downs and gladly, since last year, everything went upwards and I managed to recover – physically and mentally. It always seemed impossible to get healthy but I made it. Thanks to the ones who were always by my side and luckily, I found the will to finally do it.

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7) Így már sokkal fiatalabbnak néz ki

#NEDAWARENESS ? I've had this post saved all week, debating whether to share. ED awareness on SM brings me all kinda emotions. Happiness, love, gratitude, hope, respect.. there is so much information, support & inspiration for people to help them, so many people showing "recovery" (I don't like that word & use 'journey' instead) is possible❤ BUT it also brings me anger, frustration, confusion & sadness.. "Pro" ED still exists, you get caught up in comparison/competition of food, weight, hospital admissions, calories, body image & so on. So my post isn't to raise awareness of ED's, we all know they exist. My post is to raise awareness of beating this & sharing my happiness, love, gratitude, hope & respect for all you warriors fighting your frickin' arse off every damn day? sharing your journey of the choices you make, to wake up with determination to say a big F you to your demons, looking for inspiration & being an inspiration, being open & honest, surrounding yourself with positivity, knowing why you are on this journey & doing everything you can, every second of every day to get there. We are all different. Our ED's.. physically, mentally, emotionally.. are all different. You don't need to worry about what someone else is eating, how much, how often. You don't need to know their weight, height, bmi✋ You are YOU & your journey is so unique. Get out in the world, find yourself, be with loved ones as much as you can, focus on things in life that matter to you & why you WANT to have a better life. Health. Happiness. Strength. Dreams. Career. Friends. Family. LIFE❤ You got this ma babes! #neda

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8) Ennek a tinédzsernek nincs többé szüksége kerekesszékre, hiszen sikerült megerősödnie

Everyday you wake up you have a CHOICE to put a brick up on the wall between you and your eating disorder, or to knock one down. Developing an illness like this ISN’T a choice… but recovering from it IS and YOU are the only one who can make it. Take a step back and ask yourself where you want to see yourself in 10, 20 years and then question whether the actions you are choosing RIGHT NOW align with that. Eating disorders are silent, violent and utterly cruel, but they cannot be compared to the strength of someone willing to fight. Let’s make 2017 the year where eating disorders and mental illness in general are no longer shamed upon. Lets eradicate the stigma that makes them such a taboo to talk about and lets get fucking real. Lets face the facts and help the 30+ MILLION people struggling to fight; for once and for all ? #nedawarenessweek #NEDA #nedaawareness

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9) Az élete nagyot változott – és végül ismét egészséges

be kind to yourself while blooming. i know sometimes it feels like your soul doesn't always fit. it's all part of the process. ? ich habe das thema 'gewichtszunahme' nun schon oft auf meinem account thematisiert und lange habe ich mich gesträubt, ein #transformationsbild hochzuladen. doch ich möchte sagen und zeigen, wie verdammt stolz ich auf mich bin! und ich möchte all diejenigen ermutigen, die immer noch untergewichtig sind und zunehmen sollten. ich kann nicht oft genug sagen, wie wichtig ein gesundes gewicht ist. nicht nur für die physis, auch für die psyche! denn wie soll man klar denken können, wenn dem gehirn nicht ausreichend energie geliefert wird? man muss sehr hart an sich arbeiten und es wird tage/wochen geben, an denen man aufgeben will und nicht mehr weiter weiß. aber nach regen ⛆ kommt IMMER sonne. ☉ habt geduld mit euch und hasst euch nicht für rückschritte, sie sind dazu da um danach mit anlauf wieder nach vorne zu springen. ich kann euch die youtube videos ? zum thema essstörungen von der lieben @sophie.lotta und @xanjuschx nur empfehlen! ?

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10) Korábban csak csont és bőr volt

11) Ő egy fiatal harcos, aki büszke lehet az átalakulására

12) Még mindig hosszú út ál előtte, de jó úton halad

13) Soha nem kés változtatni

Ezek az erős emberek azt bizonyítják, hogy le lehet győzni az anorexiát. Remélhetőleg életük végéig sikerül egészségesnek maradniuk és ezzel másokat is inspirálni fognak. Senki ne kínozza magát, és senkinek nem kellenne éhen halnia.